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How Gutter Guards Work

In the past, gutters needed to be cleaned at least twice a year to keep them operating properly. By learning how gutter guards work and choosing effective gutter guards for your home, you may never have to clean your gutters again!

How Gutter Guards Work

There are three types of gutter guards. Old-fashioned screens can stop large particles from entering the gutter, but smaller particles can still get through and sometimes the screens themselves can become clogged. Inserts are placed into the gutter to prevent debris from becoming clogs, but the debris still needs to be regularly cleaned out. Reverse curve systems are the most advanced type of gutter guards: they use the principle of cohesion to draw water through a small slit into the gutter while keeping debris on top of the entire system.

How Gutter Guards from Gutter Topper Work

After several years of trial and error, our team is confident that the Gutter Topper system is the best. It is a patented reverse curve design fabricated from the highest quality materials right here in the USA. Unlike other gutter guard systems that still require cleaning and maintenance, Gutter Topper stops the leaves and debris before they enter the gutter so they never need to be cleaned. Even in heavy rain, gutters will never overflow: Gutter Topper has been tested to withstand 11″ of rainfall per hour, which is 528″ in a day – enough to float Noah’s boat! Whether it’s a drizzle or a deluge, rain flows into pre-adjusted openings and follows the Gutter Topper’s curved cover right into the gutter, while leaves stay on top and blow away when they are dry.

Even when the rain turns to ice and snow, Gutter Topper keeps working. The ice release system allows ice and snow to slide right off, eliminating ice dams and their associated water damage. And there’s no risk of your gutters sagging due to snow: Gutter Topper can withstand up to 1,200 pounds per square foot!

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