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Micro Mesh Gutter Filters Can Lead to Corrosion

Micro Mesh Gutter Filters Can Lead to CorrosionBy Tony Iannelli

Inventor of Gutter Topper and owner of Gutter Covers International

If you are looking for a solution to gutter clogs for your home, you probably start online with a Google search- and then end up scratching your head with all the choices available to you. The leader in online “hype” now appears to be micro mesh gutter filters, but there is a critical problem with these filters that many consumers don’t know about- the products have a design and manufacturing flaw that leads to rust and corrosion.

The micro-mesh filter is designed to sit on top of your gutter and seal your gutter while water is supposed to keep flowing through the micro holes in the product, and nothing else enters your gutters. One company even advertises that not even a grain of sand will enter your gutters.

What these companies don’t tell you is what happens to these micro-mesh filters over time. The filters are manufactured with a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. So what’s wrong with that? When you add water from a rainfall, you have the perfect prescription for a “galvanic reaction” between the two metals-or, in simple terms, corrosion and rust.

We have seen the micro-mesh filters eaten away by rust and destroyed over time by this common chemical reaction. The filters than separate or collapse into your gutters, and your only choice then is to replace them with a gutter guard system that works.

Sure, you can find videos online from manufactures showing micro-mesh filters performing well. But it’s tougher to find videos showing what happens to these products over time- and time is the true enemy of micro-mesh filters because rust never sleeps.

Since micro-mesh products are filters, they also have to be cleaned, just like any other filter. Imagine using the same coffee filter again and again. The coffee sediment builds up on the bottom and eventually water does not flow through the filter. The same thing eventually happens to filters in your gutters.

Our independent gutter experts have seen micro-mesh filters coated with slippery moss and other debris so thick that even scrubbing could barely help. And with the filters so clogged, homeowners then had waterfalls running over their gutters because the water could not flow through the clogged holes.

So what can you do? I recommend that you talk to a Gutter Topper distributor who can show you why Gutter Topper is the definitive solution to roof drainage problems. Gutter Topper has been tested by a major consumer review company and placed in the top 2 for gutter guards. Gutter Topper has been performing for 20 years and comes with a lifetime guarantee for the life of your home.

Before you invest your hard-earned dollars in the latest hyped product, just ask yourself a simple question: Are you really saving money and ending your gutter clog problems if you have to continually get up on the roof and clean the filters or watch them eventually rust away? Please contact the retailer in your area,North Jersey Gutter Topper, for the right answer to your specific gutter protection needs.

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