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Summer Storm Waterfalls Cause Home Damage

Summer Storm Waterfalls Cause Home Damage
Did you know that just an inch of a summer’s rainfall pours close to 1500 gallons of water onto your roof? That’s why the performance of your gutters is so important to protecting your home. Waterfalls flowing over your gutters during a summer rainfall are a strong indication that you have clogged gutters- and clogged gutters can lead to some expensive home repairs.

Investing in gutter protection from North Jersey Gutter Topper is one of the wisest home improvements you can make, especially when you consider the damage caused by overflowing gutters. Home improvement companies constantly report problems from overflowing gutters that range from smaller problems such as landscaping damage to major foundation problems and flooded basements as the water pressure from storm runoff wreaks havoc on homes

One of the most common calls we receive from homeowners usually involves water flowing over the front and ends of their gutters and flooding their home. And what we usually find that the gutters are clogged solid with leaves or other debris.

When gutter debris gets wet, it absorbs the water from summer rainfalls like a large sponge-and you know how heavy a saturated sponge can get. The extra weight stresses your gutters and hanging brackets, and can result in your gutters pulling off of your house.

North Jersey Gutter Topper has been selling Gutter Topper in northern New Jersey for 20 years and has over 15,000 satisfied customers. Gutter Topper has been independently tested and certified to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

To have piece of mind with these summer waterfalls, give us a call to learn how Gutter Topper can be one of the wisest summer home improvement you make

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