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Why you Should Protect your Gutters

Why you Should Protect your GuttersHere are some of the issues you may encounter if you don’t keep your gutters clear of debris:

  1. Damage to the foundation and landscaping
    The foundation of your home supports the entire dwelling, excess water can cause your foundation to shift, crack, or even could lead to sinking. If your gutters and downspouts are clear they carry water away from your home and foundation to areas where it can be readily absorbed into the ground of the drainage system of your property. The landscaping of your property suffers when excess water falls on trees plants and flowers. The difference between a mild watering and a consistent on a regular basis is not good for your landscaping.
  2. Roof Damage
    If water gathers in your gutters, the edge of your roof surface and the components (wood sheeting typically) can be damaged by the constant contact with water. Roofing is designed to deflect water, not absorb it. Water causes the wood and surface material to rot and become weak. This will cause your roof to wear out prematurely and need to be replaced.
  3. Wood Fascia Damage
    Water gathering in your gutters weighs roughly eight pounds per gallon which can make the gutters to detach from the wood fascia it is attached to, making the wood weak. Water spilling over the edges of gutters and onto the wood fascia boards will also cause the wood to rot and weaken as well.
  4. Damage to Walls, Doors, Windows and Patios

    Water that pours over the gutter edges falls onto doors, walls, window frames and whatever is beneath where the clog is. These features are not designed to be exposed to large amount of water, they count on gutters to do their job in order to last as long as they are design to. Water damage will cause you home to rot, warp and weaken, which is not good.

  5. Slip and Fall
    Once again, water spilling over the edge of your gutters will usually send water into places that you don€™t expect it to be. This can lead to slippery areas they shouldn€™t be, keeping your gutters and downspouts clean ensures that the water is moving away from your home and walkways and helps keep your home as safe as possible.

Keeping your gutters protected helps maintain the foundation of your home. Call us today for a free quote.

Call Today for a FREE, no obligation estimate: 1.201.445.1222 TOLL FREE: 1.800.834.4595